On your mark, get ready . . .

Brenda at podium

This has been a week of reconnecting with Grand Erie staff.  The week started with a welcome back to our clerical staff as they attended a PD session at Simcoe Composite.  Then we had the big kick-off to the new school year with system leaders at Cobblestone Elementary.  These events were followed up with greetings to our Information Technology staff and our Educational Assistants and Library Technicians.  Everything has kicked into high gear.

I feel privileged to be part of all the welcome back events and to share the video created to reflect on the past five years and look ahead to the next five years.  Speaking of the video – that was a new experience for me.  While I am quite comfortable speaking to large groups of people while co-learning and co-leading, it is very different to be featured on a video and especially a video that is so important in terms of message and vision.  I am so pleased with the final result of the video – the imagery of the mighty Grand River, the amazing voice over work and the clear message about the current Grand Erie Multi-Year plan around Achievement, Engagement and Environment all highlight where we have been while the invitation to join us on our continued journey points to the future.

Even though it has been some time since I have had my own classroom, I still have those back to school dreams where I find myself anxious as I arrive at school on the first day looking for my classroom feeling the excitement of seeing the returning students.  It won’t be long now before that’s a reality for many of our staff.