Last Day of School

This year, on the final day of school before the summer, the entire Senior Administration team and members of our Communications and Community Relations team, took to the road to visit many of our schools in order to thank staff for all the hard work they put in throughout 2017-18 to support our students and families. We used the hashtag #ThankyouGEDSB to document our travels.

This was so much more than a social media event… it was our opportunity to honour the contributions all of our staff make in ensuring Success for Every Student. Grand Erie’s Multi-Year Plan is built on six indicators (Achievement, Community, Environment, Equity, Technology and Well-Being). We know it is the staff at each of our Grand Erie schools who live these indicators every day that make our Multi-Year Plan a success for all of our students.

Our visits also allowed us to wish staff and students a safe and happy summer, to give a final farewell to some of our retiring staff, and to help some of our staff say a bittersweet goodbye to a school that’s closing or a colleague who’s leaving.

While we weren’t able to visit every school, we did cover all areas within the Board and we look forward to visiting even more schools in the future. If your school or site wasn’t part of our travels today, please know that you are very much a key part of #ThankyouGEDSB. Your hard work during this school year is much appreciated and we honour everything you’ve done for our students in 2017-18.

I also want to thank our students, staff, their families and all of our greater school communities for their ongoing support this year. You make Grand Erie a great place to learn and work!

I wish all of you a wonderful summer. I also look forward to another exciting year in Grand Erie when we return for 2018-19 in September.


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