Grand Connections

Welcome Back – Here we Go . . .


Welcome back Grand Erie students and staff, and best wishes for a wonderful start to the 2017-18 school year. 

 I hope that you have all had a great summer and are ready to enter this new year with lots of energy and enthusiasm to help you set and meet your goals.

 Our schools and support centres are ready for you.  There has been a great deal of work completed over the summer by our Facilities staff to ensure that our schools are well-maintained, clean and ready to go. The first day of school is a new beginning for all of us, as we get back into our routines and prepare for new opportunities.

 My welcome back message this school year focuses on the theme of high expectations and continuous improvement.

Our Grand Erie Multi-Year Plan states that we will support our goal of Success for Every Student in a culture of high expectations. It’s important that we all have a shared understanding of what this means. We have high expectations for all of our schools, our sites and our service areas. Our focus is on effective instruction, effective leadership and effective conditions for learning and engagement. 

At the core of our plan is Success for Every Student, but it’s important to note that all staff support this goal through work at one of our schools, one of our support centres, or through one of our many service departments. Your work, as staff, helps us achieve our goal through the six indicator areas of the Multi-Year Plan.

 As we enter our second year of the Multi-Year Plan, we will work hard to ensure continuous improvement in our six indicator areas: Achievement, Well-Being, Equity, Environment, Technology and Community. This past spring, we engaged in a monitoring activity to measure awareness and understanding of our Multi-Year Plan amongst our various employee groups. We learned a great deal from this activity, and are actively working on plans to continue to build awareness of the Multi-Year Plan and connections to it for all of our staff.

This year, I look forward to connecting with our Grand Erie community in many ways – through visits to our schools and our sites, through committee and board meetings, and through the many events that happen throughout the year. I also look forward to focusing on high expectations and continuous improvement with our team of Superintendents to support the work of our schools and the system.

Let’s make this a great year of learning and celebrating our journey together. Here we go!