Holiday Message

700-x-250_150947_christmas-banner-2016Earlier this month I was considering how every few years, the school-year calendar hits the mark for me as to when we break and when Christmas and New Year’s Day falls.

It seems this year is the best scenario where we can maximize the time between the holidays to relax with family and friends.

We just have to get there first!

Students and staff have been enjoying the spirit of the season all month long.  Families are seeing their children in school performances, students are leading festive activities – from pyjama parties and crazy hat days to ugly sweaters contests – and educators are making connections in the curriculum to the season.

Once again, many of the activities happening at our schools and support centres this holiday season involve giving back to our various communities through food and toy drives and it is inspirational to see the spirit of giving alive and well in Grand Erie.

Community outreach continues to be a theme across our system and the support and generosity of our staff and students warms my heart.  As I think of our Grand Erie family and our staff who work so hard to make a difference for our students and families, I can’t help but feel such pride and gratitude.

While all this activity is happening at our schools and sites we are also working hard at home to prepare for own traditions and celebrations.  It’s certainly a busy time of year but we always seem to get through it.

There are moments during the rush of it all that we find ourselves thinking back on what we did this year and what we have yet to do.  We think of New Year’s resolutions and how we can make improvements in our lives that can help ourselves and benefit others.

This year we are celebrating a new direction with the launch of our 2016-2020 Multi-Year Plan. Our staff embraced this plan and have shown support for our new vision: Success for Every Student.

In my role as Director, I’m fortunate to pull together a collection of accomplishments and highlights from the previous year in my annual report to the community.

I encourage everyone to look at the report as it represents all of your dedication and determination in reaching our vision.

As we get ready to leave for the holidays, I wish to thank the staff, parents and community for being part of our journey to reach Success for Every Student.

Wishing you and your family all the best this holiday season. See you in 2017!



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