Welcome Back!


As the 2016-17 school year is about to begin, I want to welcome back students and staff and wish everyone a great start to the year. Our schools are ready due to the hard work of our Facilities staff over the summer. Construction and maintenance projects have been completed and our schools are clean and shiny. School administrators and teachers have been at school this past week preparing for the return of students on September 6th.

My welcome back message for the 2016-17 school year is on the theme of success.

Ask a number of people what success means to them and you will likely get a variety of responses based on their own life experience, worldview and opinion. I am fine with this ambiguity as I believe there are a number of ways to describe success. Looking up the definition of success online not surprisingly there are a number of meanings. The one I like best is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose” because this allows for a number of aims and purposes.

As we launch the new school year in Grand Erie we are setting a new direction to help guide the work we do for our students. Success for Every Student is at the centre of our new multi-year plan. We will achieve this goal through a focus on students and staff in a culture of high expectations and we have six indicator areas to support our goal: Achievement, Well-Being, Equity, Environment, Technology and Community. It’s important that we have a shared understanding that success – the accomplishment of an aim – can look different for each and every student.

As I enter my second year in the role of Director I am excited about the path we are forging with our new multi-year plan. My first goal is to bring awareness of the plan to all Grand Erie students, staff and communities. I want people to see themselves in the plan and to recognize how the indicators support our goal of success for every student. I look forward to sharing the plan at various meetings with staff, parents and community groups and to working with staff to implement the goals and strategies that we have set out. I also look forward to working with my dynamic senior team as we support the work of schools and the system.

Our Grand Erie students get ready for success each and every day. Each student is special and has their own story to tell. Check out this video:


It’s the beginning of a new chapter. Let’s continue our journey in education.



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